31 Stress Relief Gifts For Overworked People in 2020

Best Products for Stress

You’ve done it. 

You’re not feeling yourself and you’ve come to a place where you have a choice to make…

Continue living like usual or take action and sort out the issues that has you hurting mentally. 

It looks like you’ve chosen to do something about it, seeing how you’ve come this far. 

Stress is eating away and taking up your mental space and the present moment just isn’t with you because of this. 

Or maybe you know someone in this state and you’d like to help them out (what a great friend you are!).

While most people think of shelling out more than $100 for a massage, spa day, or acupuncture session, many simple products exist that don’t cost a lot of money, but do a world of good to relieve stress and anxiety.

Here is a list of the best products for stress (and anxiety) — they are life-changing and most of them are easy to pack and travel with.

Essential Oil Bracelet

This handmade, limited edition Japanese miyuki seed and lava bead essential oil diffuser bracelet uses the power of scent to calm your nerves.

The ivory and black Bohemian-style bracelet wraps around your wrist twice and has pockets of shimmering colors throughout.

In addition to its beauty, its antique brass components, lobster claw, and chain extender make wearing it easy.

It’s simple to diffuse oils onto your skin, too.

Just add one to two drops of your favorite oil to the black lava beads and voila, instant stress relief!

Natural Vitality Natural Calm Powder

Touted by celebrities and naturopaths alike, Natural Calm uses the fundamental yet opposite nutrients of magnesium and calcium to relax your mind and body.

Millionaire matchmaker Patti Stanger and actress Salma Hayek use it daily as a way to help them cope with everyday stresses and sleep better.

It is often recommended in pregnancy to combat muscle tension and leg cramps.

The company’s website puts it best: “When we are under stress, our cells—which in their resting state contain magnesium—go through a change.

Calcium, normally outside the cells, enters the cells to create an action state.

Nerve cells become excited and muscles tense.

When the stress has passed, magnesium then pushes the calcium back out of the cells and everything relaxes.

However, when there’s not enough magnesium, calcium remains in the cells, prolonging stress and creating magnesium-deficiency symptoms.

You experience this as feeling stressed.”

One teaspoon in a cup of hot water is all it takes to experience the healing power of this powder.

Best of all, the effervescent drink is sweetened with stevia and comes in a myriad of flavors!

De-Stress Roll-On

While not as common, popping a roller of essential oils into your purse is one of the easiest ways to experience a quick burst of stress relief with minimal effort.

The company that produces this particular product was a well-known favorite of the late Princess Diana who routinely used their bath oil, Revive.

To get the most from this roll-on, touch the ball directly onto your pulse points when the pressure of a hectic day starts to be too much.

Its 100 percent natural calming blend of Frankincense and Wild Moroccan Chamomile will immediately help you feel more centered, adjusted, sharpened and clear-headed.

CBT Good Habit Journal​

Journaling is an effective way to relieve pressure from your anxious mind.

And doing it with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in mind is an even greater plus.

CBT is a form of treatment that psychologists and therapists alike are using to provide self-help for those struggling with a wide range of problems including depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug abuse, marital problems, and eating disorders.

CBT’s main goal is to help improve the quality of life for those who use it.

It is founded on the premise that problems are based on faulty ways of thinking and those ways must be unlearned.

It often involves learning to understand how one distorts his or her own way of thinking, which creates greater problems, with the greatest aim of teaching problem-solving skills to deal with difficult situations.

This journal contains interactive features to help you develop good habits, build confidence and benefit from using the principles of CBT in your daily life, which will help you become less stressed.

Weighted Blanket​

The theory behind a weighted blanket is simple: the deep pressure you feel from being under the weight makes you feel like you are being tightly hugged or swaddled.

This causes you to feel calmer and can even have the effect of lowering your blood pressure, just as a gentle touch by a loved one does.

If you toss and turn at night, a weighted blanket can also keep you from moving all over the bed, which may allow you to get better sleep at night.

This one, made of microfiber fleece, is filled with high-density glass beads that distribute even pressure so the wearer feels extra secure and safe, and comes in a variety of colors.

Mindfulness Breathing Necklace

Shifting your mind by slowing your breathing has long been thought to help relieve anxiety and release toxins.

But how many of us forget to do it?

Wearing this necklace serves as a good reminder.

The couple who created it were inspired by a flute-maker who told them about the breathing techniques of Japanese monks.

It is designed to help you remember to take slow deep breaths when you wear it.

While the pendant looks like a whistle, it isn’t.

All that you need to do is exhale through it silently, and you will find yourself gaining mental clarity and feel your heart rate slowing.

Breathing slowly to relieve stress is backed up by science.

A study published in the journal Psychophysiology found that controlled breathing actually affects the stress hormone noradrenaline, which makes our hearts beat faster and our pupils dilate.

If too much or too little is produced, it is hard to focus.

Breathing in a controlled way helps regulate the noradrenaline, which makes our thinking and memory clearer.

Rescue Remedy

A homeopathic blend of five individual flower essences makes this brand a must-have for keeping stress at bay.

It was developed by Dr. Edward Bach, a physician and bacteriologist more than 80 years ago who believed in the connection between physical and emotional health.

Dr. Bach researched dozens of aromas for helping stress levels, but finally settled on five which are a staple of Rescue Remedy products.

They represent the five common negative states of mind that people experience daily.

These include rock rose for fearlessness, impatiens for patience, clematis for focus, Star of Bethlehem for comfort, and cherry plum for composure.

Rescue Remedy products come in a variety of forms from lozenges to sprays to creams to chewables to tablets, which means that you can easily find one to suit your lifestyle.

So there you have it. Some of the best products to relieve stress with minimal cost.

Slow down, take deep breaths, rub on some essential oils, write about what’s worrying you, and drink in a little calm.

Watch the video below to learn more about times when Rescue Remedy can come in handy:


Exhale tension and stress away with the Inno gear essential oil diffuser.

This essential diffuser is special because it helps achieve deep sleep as it doesn’t make any noise, thanks to its whisper-quiet ultrasonic function.

You will not experience any dry air in your room since it disperses moisture in the air.

Since it decreases dry air, your lips won’t get chapped or skin to experience dryness.

If light matters to you, this device has seven color options that can be switched with a simple touch of a button.

You can decide whether to have a dim or bright mode from your lamp.

These colors include red, dark blue, yellow, white, red, green, and yellow.

The different light modes are fantastic for creating a night light and meditation atmosphere.

This device can work for 4 hours continuously.

If it’s in the intermittent mode, it can run to a maximum of 8 hours.

When it runs out of the water, the machine shuts down automatically.

It’s also space-saving and uses the most excellent PPT material.

It’s safe for anyone, even babies and pregnant women can use it.

This device does not overheat, eliminating any possible risk of a malfunction and leaving you with even more of a peace of mind.

If you would like to enjoy a warm amber glow, considering getting a Levoit Salt Lamp.

This lamp uses authentic Himalayan salt rocks.

Himalayan salt is known to be a small and affordable mineral that packs a punch with it’s big number of health benefits.

Most weight loss gurus use it, especially those using intermittent fasting as a lifestyle.

This salt has loads of antioxidants and electrolytes.

Hence why it’s known to prevent and reduce headaches when one takes it while fasting.

The Levoit Salt lamp contains some concentration of Himalayan salt.

You can adjust the brightness of this lamp, depending on your needs using a touch-sensitive switch.

It comes with three bulbs in its package.

It’s free from heat and fire.

This could be the best holiday gift for your loved ones.

It’s safe to use, thanks to its well-polished rubberwood base.

It can shine through any space you place it due to its unique details.

You must try magnesium if you are looking for a secret weapon to get relief from stress.

Since your muscles hold a lot of tension, it is magnesium that can help them reach their calmness back.

The best thing about it is its ability to quickly absorb in the body, which makes you feel better.

This is a relaxer that relaxes your muscles naturally. It’s, therefore, one of the best solutions to dealing with anxiety issues.

Since it relaxes the nervous system, it can help you overcome restlessness and stress.

If you are also having irritability or fear problems, you could try magnesium.

Anxiety and stress can put you in a bad mood, which is stressful.

Magnesium has the power to stabilize your mood, helping you to feel calm.

It works interdependently with calcium.

When taking it, ensure that the supplement has calcium as well.

To make things simpler for your life as a woman, consider using a purse organizer to simplify some things and have peace of mind.

Sometimes, as a busy mum, your mind tends to worry about various issues.

The last thing you want is to spend effort and time looking for something as simple as your keys.

So free up some of your brain space by keeping organized.

With a purse organizer, you’ll know where your things are.

You don’t need to dig into your bag, searching, and disorganizing everything.

With the LEXSION bag organizer, you have 13 spaces to put different things.

There are eight interior pockets and three exterior pockets as well.

It could be your lipstick, pens, hand lotion, and other necessities that you tend to carry around.

This bag comes in four different sizes.

It helps you get your stuff when you need them urgently.

If you tend to be forgetful, this is all you need to help you trace your things in seconds, which relieves stress from your mind.

The best thing about this purse is its portability, thanks to its lightweight.

It’s perfectly slender, which makes it look awesome.

It comes with a keychain and removable holder inserts.

Did you know that you can ease anxiety and stress through coloring?

If you thought that coloring is for kids only, you are wrong.

Adults do coloring as well as a form of getting rid of stress.

There are adult coloring books you can utilize and eliminate anxiety from your mind.

According to studies, coloring can connect you to mindfulness and help you live your present moment fully.

Should you be feeling stressed out, consider getting some crayons and start coloring any coloring book available.

Coloring is crucial because it captures your mind and makes you concentrate on the present situation.

It would be great if you get the adult coloring book due to its beautiful patterns and intricate designs.

If you love using markers, you will comfortably color the adult coloring book because it has thin pages.

Many adults worldwide admitted that they found some kind of relaxation in using adult coloring books.

These books have beautiful butterflies, squirrels, and florals.

The color frame coloring book has a thick paper which ensures that your pen doesn’t bleed through the following page.

You can also easily tear out the page and share, thanks to the single perforated pages.

It’s normal to experience headaches when you are stressed or when having anxiety.

Fortunately, you can relieve that using a Gel mask.

Don’t worry about the price since there are quality and affordable Gel Masks in the market.

For example, there is the FOMI-Migraine facial Gel Bead.

This eye mask is all you need to relive stubborn and painful headaches arising from stress.

You can take it during day time or before going to bed and enjoy a peaceful and relaxed sleep.

Should you experience sinus pressure, it would be great if you freeze the mask.

Besides that, freezing the mask can also help you to deal with headaches and muscle pain.

If you are on a tight budget, you can improvise a piece of cloth and use it as a mask.

Just freeze it and place it on your forehead or over your eyes.

This will help you relieve headaches.

An ice-cold mask or piece of cloth makes your muscles feel refreshed, which kills the pain arising from stress.

Being grateful with less complaining can be therapeutic to your mind.

Sometimes pouring your heart out can load a huge burden from your heart.

This makes you feel lighter and relaxed.

In no time, you will feel less stressed and no more pain.

Opening up is excellent when you are telling someone something.

However, you may not feel confident to tell someone about your issues.

That’s where a gratitude journal comes in.

You can use it to put down everything you are grateful for.

With this keep safe journal, you can record your daily blessings and stay positive.

You can even write inspiring quotes in it and think about how life has been kind to you.

With this journal, you will realize how much experience has offered you, e.g., having free air to breathe, being alive, and having necessities.

Did you know that headphones can help you meditate and relieve stress?

Headphones are great tools for unlocking your power of meditation.

It’s high time to consider getting them and listen to your favorite music as a stress reliever.

Besides listening to music, you can use your headphones to block external noises while sleeping.

This helps you sleep while feeling relaxed.

The Skullcandy Crusher Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones are excellent.

You can use it to enjoy your music or movie.

With its 40 hours of battery life and wireless technology, it offers an amazing audio experience. 

You can charge the battery in just 3 hours maximum time.

It makes you hear and feel your music at the same time, thanks to its powerful bass.

The wireless technology helps you to avoid using too many cables trying to connect with other devices.

Sometimes a small lamp that can add a glow to your home can make everything beautiful.

This makes you happy and relaxes well at home.

In times of stress, a dull environment can worsen things.

It would be great if you tried to improve your home décor and make your place worth spending your time.

The Miroco Light Therapy Lamp will indeed give you the therapy you need.

This lamp has a memory function that helps you select the brightness level of your choice.

Due to its small size, you can put this lamp in your cubicle, giving it a modern design.

While this lamp uses the LED light, it doesn’t use the harmful UV component.

It’s the best lamp to use if you would like to uplift your mood and boost your energy.

This, in turn, affects your life positively and increases your concentration.

Imagine having a mat that can help relax you after long hard days of work. 

Acupressure mats are a thing and this particular one has 6210 pressure points and 1782 points on the pillow.

These pressure points can stimulate pain points like muscle aches, headaches and muscle knots by providing a bit of a massage. 

For best results, lie on this mat for 25-45 minutes. 

Standing barefoot on this mat will stimulate the pressure points on your feet. 

The portability of this mat is excellent, making it easy to pack up and take it with you wherever you go.

When you’re stressed, your neck, back and shoulders usually feel tense.

Anyone who feels tense in these areas is going to appreciate any kind of massage. 

And that’s where massager like this comes into play. 

It’s not only rechargeable but it’s also cordless, so it can be used without tangling or playing around with cords. 

The shiatsu massager comes with 8 kneading nodes, and two modes of massage that can go either counter-clockwise and clockwise which will help massage those areas of tension.

And it’s also portable, making it easy to pack and take wherever you go. 

A portable massager can come in handy when you need a massage where you need it the most. 

From your head, to your face, neck, shoulders and back, this handheld massager can be used on any muscle. 

This isn’t only used for eliminating pain, but it also helps promote hair growth. 

Here it’s made this list because of it’s assistance in decreasing stress and increasing relaxation. 

A simple button turns it off and it’s certified waterproof with a IPX-7 rating so it can be used while showering. 

It will last for a few hours before requiring another charge.

Basalt stones can help provide a relaxing massage experience as it can retain heat, leaving your muscles feeling much more relaxed when the stones are used.

Due to its natural content of silica, magnesium and iron content, basalt stones can hold heat for long periods of time. 

Using these stones will help enhance muscle relaxation, leaving you in the ultimate stress-free mode.

Basalt massage stones are a must for destressing. 

Heat up these stones and apply it to wherever muscles need it and you’ll feel the heat radiate throughout the sore muscle, leaving it more relaxed and less sore.

This kit is all you need for the perfect aromatherapy experience. 

The aroma diffuser is portable and compact, and you can choose from 6 pure essential oils. 

Using this will help create a soothing environment in the room, leaving you feel more calm, set the tone for relaxation and sleep.

Use just a few drops and you’ll have hours of a lovely scent brewing in your room.

The nice thing about this is that every essential oil has its own benefits and scent. 

Some are geared towards relaxation while others are for focus and elevated cognition function.  

When you’re looking for a pillow, we recommend getting one that has lavender like this one. 

This lavender-based pillow can promote deep sleep by providing gentle pressure on the eyeballs.

It can also promote deeper sleep, decrease headaches and migraines. 

Being made with 100% organic cotton, it’s filled with flax seed and aromatherapy herbs that’s known to decrease stress and relieve tension. 

For reducing headaches and swelling, it’s recommended to throw this pillow in the freezer.

This can also be heated.

Get into a relaxed state with this neck wrap. 

Use it cold or warm and it’ll provide your muscles a way to relax and ease the tension that it can build up after a stressful day.

This neck wrap is made out of microbeads, which is very soft and will feel very soothing when it’s wrapped around your back and neck. 

Getting it in a warm state will just take a quick pop in the microwave.

If you need it cold it’ll just need it in the freezer for a few minutes.

As strange as it may look, this acupuncture pen is actually an excellent way to get pain relief without the use of needles. 

Despite being known as an alternative form of treatment, acupuncture is growing in popularity. 

Instead of using needles, this acupuncture pen can stimulate needles by using heat and electricity in a completely safe manner.

Wearing an eye mask might be able to help with sleep as it can block out light but this headband is special. 

This bluetooth headband can play special soundwaves that are specifically tuned to make one feel more relaxed and sleepy. 

It can play any type of tune, from delta noise, to white noise, relaxing background noises, binaural beats and more. 

These comfortable headbands have built in speakers and can play music from any source, including your phone or computer. 

Anyone who sleeps in any kind of position, side sleeper, back, front, etc, can comfortably wear these bands.

A spa can do wonders for relaxation.

It provides a way to unwind mentally without requiring any special effort from your side. 

But not everyone has the time or budget to head to a spa.

It might also be too expensive. .

However this foot spa provides a similar experience that is not only portable but can be used without much of effort to set it up. 

It features adjustable temperature control and 3 acupressure pedicure attachments as well as the ability to make water jets to help release pressure and pain. 

You can even add in your own essential oil or bath salts for further benefits.

If you’ve ever been on a hammock then you’ll know that this is one of the ultimate forms of relaxation. 

Sit in one, read a book, take a nap or listen to music and you’ll feel like you’re floating among the clouds in the sky. 

This hammock is made from spun polyester, a flexible and cosy feeling material that is easy to assemble. 

Set up this hammock anywhere, from your bedroom to the background or your patio.

This makes a great gift for virtually anyone.

This Due North massage ball is one of the best gifts you can get anyone. 

It’s ability to massage out any part of the body is very effective. 

Your feet and hands may hurt after a long day of work.

You may feel pain but when you use this massage ball for a few minutes, you’ll feel nearly instantly relieved. 

This is also great for travel and it’s only $5 on Amazon.

The Genius Brand is known to make supplements to help professionals and athletes take their cognition and physical performance to the next level using organic and natural ingredients.

Genius Joy is a supplement that contains various ingredients that help with stress management and relief.

It helps reduce cortisol and stress by using rhodiola, SAMe, 5-HTP and much more.

Tyrosine is also included, which helps reduce anxiety while promoting a calm state of mind.

We see Genius Joy as the perfect supplement for anyone looking to maintain a healthy and happy mind.

Magnesium is an essential mineral that’s used in over 300 functions in the body and if you’re deficient in magnesium, you’ll likely suffer from stress and anxiety. 

Using magnesium will ensure you’re getting enough of it and this spray will easily be absorbed into your skin. 

It works as a calming mineral and this particular spray is sourced from the dead sea so you’ll be getting a high quality supplement. 

This spray can be applied to virtually anywhere on the body, from the wrists, to the feet, back, legs, and anywhere there is pain.

When you’ve had a long day of standing, your feet are going to be sore. 

Having a foot massager roller handy will not only be the best thing you can give to someone but it’ll always be used since it can be very relieving. 

This is especially useful for those suffering from Plantar Fasciitis as it can relieve pain. 

The TheraFlow foot massager is a wooden made item that utilizes small hard nubs to pin-point pressure on the muscles of the feet.

Your Attention

This might be so obvious that you’ve missed it. 

But sometimes all someone ever needs is your attention. 

As a friend, you can ensure you’re loved ones get through what seems to be the roughest time in their lives simply by giving them your full attention. 

This is the greatest gift you can give someone. 

More than often, people simply do not have time for themselves.

And with smartphones and such, it gets worse because more time is spent on screens rather than with people. 

If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to leave a comment below.

I’m always happy to listen and help.

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