5 Ways Walking Relieves Stress (And 20+ Ideas for Walking)

Walking for Stress Relief

Walking is good for just about everyone.

But, it can be extremely beneficial to people to suffer from stress and anxiety.

Walking lets you get out and notice nature and the surrounding things.

You’re able to exercise while taking a nice break from the world.

Walking is known to help you think more positively and release negative energy from your body.

Something so simple can do amazing things.

There are certain techniques you can follow that will help even more with relieving stress while walking.

Below are some ideas you can follow when walking for stress relief.

5 Ways Walking Helps To Relieve Stress

1. Allows You To Meditate

The phrase “take a walk” isn’t a simple figure of speech.

The act of walking by yourself takes you out of a tense situation and puts you in a calmer state.

Walking allows you to think and reflect on the situation while giving you distance and time.

Thereby, helping you develop a stronger sense of self-awareness and just how you relate to others around you.

You don’t have to be in crisis mode; instead daily meditation has been shown to improve emotional health and stress management.

Here’s how you can incorporate meditation-based walking into your lifestyle: 

Depending on the kind of meditation you need, you can easily swap out between the two as you walk about.

2. Helps You Experience The Great Outdoors

How many of us are guilty of being too wrapped up in our lives to forget about the great outdoors and experiencing nature in its glory?

Studies have shown being out in the fresh air helps to relieve stress by balance our cortisol levels—the main hormone that produces stress.

Additionally, research by University of Michigan suggests walking outdoors helps to improve our memory and attention spans by around 20%.

Alleviate the anxiety by adding a little nature into your life.

It could be as simple as strolling in a park or hiking every once in a while.

3. Boosts Endorphins In Your Body

Endorphins—also known as the happy hormones—are released through physical activity; thereby battling accumulated stress in your body.

Instead your body receives feel-good endorphins to improve your mood and relief from your problems.

Typically, it takes 10 minutes of physical activity for your body to be flooded by the hormone.

Given walking is a low-risk activity, getting your daily dose is easier for long term management of stress and a quick pick-me-up.

4. Reduces Fatigue

Along-with all the other added benefits, walking in general adds to your energy levels.

The every-step-counts movement is actually based on a 2008 study wherein individuals with sedentary lifestyles, who were made to follow a walking-centered fitness program, experienced a 20% boost in their energy and a reduction in fatigue by 65%.

5. Gives You Some Distraction-Free Bonding Time

A lesser thought about way exercise helps is by being a dedicated time you can use for catching up with friends or family.

It creates a social bond within a relaxed environment where all partners are receiving the benefits of lowered stress and improved moods.

Additionally, it helps you make better choices by adding a layer of stress resilience whereby you and your loved one are on the same energy level and are able to respond in an equal manner.

20+ Ideas For Walking

Walking lets you get out and notice nature and the surrounding things.

You’re able to exercise while taking a nice break from the world.

Walking is known to help you think more positively and release negative energy from your body.

Something so simple can do amazing things.

There are certain techniques you can follow that will help even more with relieving stress while walking.

Below are some ideas you can follow to help you get more steps in your day:

Walking Outside (Weather Permitted)

Walking outside helps when trying to relieve stress and anxiety.

This is because you are surrounded by oxygen and beautiful scenery to look at.

Taking in nature and the outdoors can make your body instantly feel at ease.

Taking a nice stroll outside is great for stress relief.

Walking on a treadmill is not nearly as stress relieving as walking outside.

Here is a list of some great outdoor places you can walk:

    • Walk on a trail – Find one in your area here!
    • Walk to a nearby park
    • Walk up a tall hill
    • Walk near a lake
    • Walk with a Fun Destination in Mind

When you walk with a goal in mind that is fun you’ll be more excited to walk.

When you are happier on your walk, this will help bring your stress levels down.

There are many destinations you can walk to outdoors or indoors, even if it’s a super simple destination.

Some people’s minds function better when they set and achieve goals, if you’re one of these types of people, then you will definitely want to walk with a destination in mind.

Below I will list ideas for walking to a fun destination:


  • Find a trail in your area and walk to a certain interesting point on the trail
  • Walk to a nearby park and swing on the swings
  • Walk up a tall hill and sit and look out at the view
  • Walk around a small lake or pond
  • Walk to a certain spot on a river and play in the water for a little
  • Find an area that has a great view of the sunset, and walk to that spot when the sun will set
  • Go on a walk to find your favorite house in a nearby neighborhood
  • Walk to a spot where you can have a small picnic
  • Walk to a nearby ice cream shop
  • Go to a nearby park with a beach and park somewhere far away, then walk to the beach and enjoy the view
  • Walk to a pretty tree and sit by it for a while


  • Go to a mall and walk around it a certain number of times, end in a certain spot
  • If you live near a public greenhouse walk until you locate certain plants
  • Go through the indoor areas at your local zoo
  • Find an indoor track and walk around it a certain number of times
  • If you live near a local University or school set a path so you go up and down a number of stairs
  • Walk around a large store and pass by certain items

Bonus Tips: Music Powered Walks

Both music and walking can help with stress relief.

If you put the two together it can truly help relieve stress.

Make sure the music you listen to us upbeat and happy.

A walk can be more entertaining if you add a little music into the mix.

I like to make a specific playlist for walking and put it on shuffle.

This way I know the music will be upbeat and it’s music I enjoy listening to when I walk.

If you’re someone that likes calmer noises you can listen to nature music or instrumental music.

Walking alone is beneficial to stress, but adding a little music can help a little more.

Find A Walking Buddy

Walking with a companion can make walking more interesting and relaxing.

If you know someone in your neighborhood that likes to walk, ask them if they’d be interested in walking together.

You should set a plan on the days you’re going to walk and stick to it, so you can motivate each other to walk.

You can also walk with a family member, close friend, or even your dog.

When you walk with someone you talk and take in your surroundings, this simple conversation helps eliminate stress.

You are able to chat about small things and this assists in becoming stress free.

Walking with a buddy can be a nice routine to get into.

Walking for Stress Relief

Don't Look At Your Phone

I know you might want to bring your phone with because it helps you feel safer, especially if you’re walking alone.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to check it every few minutes.

Walk without checking your phone and you will have a much more relaxing walk.

You won’t be thinking of all the things you have to do, or all the emails you have to check.

To have the best stress relief when walking you have to take in your surroundings, and this can’t happen if you’re checking your phone.

You will notice that walking without looking at a screen makes you feel much more at ease afterwards.

This is a simple way to help with relieving stress and anxiety.

Drive And Walk At A State Park

State Parks are some of the most beautiful areas to visit.

They are State Parks for a reason.

Look up some in your state and head on out.

Find one that seems pleasing to your personality.

Spend the day walking around the park and looking at all that nature has to offer.

You will feel calm checking out a new environment that is full of so many natural features.

Make sure to notice all the bugs, animals, flowers, trees, stones, and whatever else you view.

Noticing these small natural elements helps with letting go of tension and stress in your body.

Exploring a State Park is an exciting way to get rid of severe stress.

Find a State Park in your area here!

Get Out And Get Walking

As long as you get out there and get your walk on, you will be on track to eliminate stress and anxiety.

Walking even once a week is known to reduce stress in your body.

If you can walk every other day or a few times a week you will be doing some amazing things to your mind and body.

Walking helps release endorphins and makes you calmer.

It can help eliminate tension in the body and relieve muscle aches.

Simply walking puts your whole body in a better state of mind.

If you have any questions, ask them below.

I’m always happy to help!

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