Things to Help with Stress – Feel Better!

Things to Help with Stress

Things to Help with Stress

Things to Help with Stress

Stress can get in the way of your everyday life. It can guide your days in directions that you don’t want to go. I totally understand! You have so many thoughts going through your head, and you need to take some time to breathe. You might have stress from little things going on in your life, or big things. No matter what your stress roots from, I’m here to help. These techniques are the natural and the best things to help with stress.

Take Time to Play

It may sound silly, and I know I’ve mentioned it in other posts, but playing truly can help you get through stress. All you have to do is spend some time playing something you enjoy. When I say play, I do mean play like a kid. You can toss a ball, swing on the swings, shoot some hoops, and so much more. Simply playing will help you feel more relaxed and you will get out of your head for a little.

Take a Break from Technology

How many times a day to you look at your cell, pull out your laptop, or sit in front of the TV? If you think about, it’s most likely more than it should be. Take a break and enjoy the world around you. Notice the flowers, the sky, and take in what you don’t notice when looking at your phone. You will feel better when you’re not constantly looking at a screen.

Accept you have Stress or Anxiety

This may take a little time to wrap your head around, but once you accept it you will feel a weight come off your shoulders. If you realize you have anxiety it helps you break free and it helps from freaking out when it comes about. Understanding that what you have is stress or anxiety will aid in accepting it’s something you can and will get through.

Do Some Yoga

Yoga helps the mind stay calm and focused. Doing yoga relaxes your mind and body, and it’s one of the best exercises for people that struggle with stress. Find a local yoga studio, or follow a video and see if yoga is right for you.

Learn Guided Imagery

Guided imagery takes your mind to a whole other place. When you look at calming images it helps balance your state of mind and keep you more at peace with your surroundings. Guided imagery is a fun activity that helps with stress relief.

Call a Friend or Relative

Simply talking to a friend or relative can help you feel more at ease in situations. When you say your problems out load, or even just chat with someone it will make you feel better. Sometimes seeing someone else’s perspective can help put things more in place for you. It’s comforting knowing that you can always talk to someone when you need a little pick-me-up.

Join a Group Fitness Class

Fitness classes are not only great for exercise, but you can meet some new friends too. Find an activity you enjoy, and look for a local class. Every time you attend the class you will leave feeling refreshed and less stressed. Exercise helps release endorphins, and can help your mental health in a great way.

Join a Mental Health Support Forum

There are many forums online that can provide excellent support for stress and anxiety. Forums help you communicate with people going through similar struggles as you. Forums help you see that you’re not alone, and there are people in the same boat. Others are willing to tell you their feelings, and you tell them yours. It will feel great when you can freely speak your feelings.

Work in a Mindfulness Coloring Book

Coloring helps relax your mind and your brain can take a break from overthinking. When you see the colors fill the page as you move your hand, you’ll instantly feel calmer. Coloring using a simple motion that lets your mind take in the beauty. It also keeps your mind focused on something other than your thoughts.

Read a Mindfulness Book

Reading a book that talks about mindfulness techniques can be beneficial. My personal favorite book has little mindfulness techniques you can do to take a break in your day. They only take 10 minutes and teach you how to have mental clarity. This is a great book for someone who is just getting into mindfulness. Click on the image below to learn more or purchase!
Things to Help with Stress - Mindfulness Book

Drink Less Alcohol

Drinking alcohol can be deferential to your mental health. When you’re drinking you may think “hey, this stuff makes me more confident and less stressed”, but once the buzz wears off, your body won’t be thanking you. After drinking your body is more suppressed, and this can drain your mind. You’re more likely to experience stress and anxiety after you drink, as compared to if you didn’t drink at all.

Drink Less Caffeine

Caffeine makes your system jittery and on edge. When you have stress and anxiety you don’t need to add jitters into the mix. Find alternatives to caffeine that keep you awake and energized. This might mean you have to change your diet and eat more balanced meals. Ditching the caffeine will aid you in having less anxiousness.

Learn What Makes you Stressed

Figuring out the root cause of your stress can help you get through it. Once you find the trigger, try to eliminate the issue, or at least make it less detrimental. Say you don’t get along with a co-worker. To fix this you can look for a new job to eliminate the issue, or try alternatives. You can try getting a new desk placement, reporting your co-worker to managers, talk to your co-worker about this issue (and maybe you can do this with another worker), and many more. You will have to figure out what is best for you and your specific situation.

Take a Bubble Bath

Taking a bubble bath helps you step away from stress for a little. You can soak in the warm water and feel the serenity surround you. Consider reading a book or using a bath bomb to make your bath even more enjoyable, With a bath you’re able to stop and take a break and breathe for a minute or two.

Get a Massage

Massages not only relax your body physically, but they relax your mind as well. When you’re stressed you often tense up your body. This can cause physical pain, but a massage helps loosen things up. A massage also assists in clearing your mind. When the massage is finished you will feel like a whole new person, and this can correspond with your attitude on aspects of your life.

Learn Meditation

I cannot stress this one enough. Taking a few minutes out of your day to mediate can truly help you feel better. There are many forms of mediation, so you will want to test the waters and see which works best for you. I like to use a mala bracelet and repeat a mantra to help my mind focus. Meditation can take your stress and anxiety away after you practice and continue to use mediation.

Learn Mindfulness Journaling

This is another technique that can be life-changing. Spending a few minutes writing down your thoughts can help you keep a clear mind. Find a journal that you have to fill in pages and guides you along the way. The journal below uses cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness techniques to alter the way you think. Click the image below to learn more or purchase.
Things to Help with Stress - Mindfulness Journal

Distract Yourself

This can be done in many ways, but you basically want your mind to focus on something else rather than the thing that makes you stressed. You can do this by focusing on a DIY project, going for a walk, playing a game, and many other things. Just get your mind to think about something that makes you feel happier.

Complete a Logic Puzzle

There are many types of logic puzzles from word searches to crosswords, and even Sudoku. Find a puzzle you enjoy and work on them here and there. This little puzzles can help your memory and keep your mind active. This can help reduce the amount of stress you feel.

Look at Brain Teasers

Brain teasers work in a similar way as logic puzzles. Brain teasers are puzzles that perplex your mind and make you truly think about things and figure out what’s going on. Your mind can play tricks on you, and these teasers help exercise your brain. Exercising your brain makes it easier for you to get through stresses in your life.

Eat a Well-Rounded Diet

If you have a diet packed full of sugar and junk foods, you may want to try eating a balanced diet. A diet alone can be a major cause of stress to begin with. If you eat too much sugar this can make you feel more stressed in situations that aren’t even very stressful. If you find yourself struggling with stress, eat healthier and see how you feel after a couple weeks, it just might help.

Sing in the Car

This is especially helpful to people who get stressed out easily while driving and when stuck in traffic jams. Put on your favorite station, or play your favorite song and start taking in the beat! Singing is known to release stress and make you feel uplifted. Bust out some tunes and your commute to work will have you in a happier mood.

Do Deep Breathing Exercises

Often times when you struggle with stress or anxiety you don’t breathe in a proper pattern. Most of the time people don’t even realize they aren’t breathing right. Taking time to practice deep breathing techniques will ensure you’re breathing from the right areas, and are doing so in a proper manner. Learn the best deep breathing exercises for stress and anxiety here!

Buy some Stress Relief Jewelry

Yes, there is jewelry that can help with stress relief! There are actually many different types of jewelry that can help. There are diffuser bracelets that you can add essential oils to, there are necklaces that can help with breathing, and even more. These are accessories that have a purpose. Learn more about the different jewelry options here!

Download a Helpful App

There are many apps on the market that are made to help with stress and anxiety. There are apps for meditation, and even apps that provide therapy. Do a Google search and find an app that suits your needs. You might just find an app that will take the stress out of your life, or at least help.

Practice Self-Care

Keeping up with self-care can make you feel less stressed, and it is usually subconsciously. When you take care of your self you’re more likely to feel confident and upbeat. This in turn can make you feel less stressed. You might not realize it, but keeping up with self-care makes you feel more positive, courageous, and fearless.

Test the Validity of your Thoughts

When you dig deep into your mind and discover whether your thoughts are valid, will cause you to feel more grounded. Decide if your stressful thoughts are even worth stressing over. If you’re stressed about being in a friend’s wedding figure out why. Is it because all the different stuff it involves? But, these things are fun and should be thought of that way. If you feel like you’re going to have a heart attack, talk to yourself, tell yourself that this isn’t valid it’s a panic attack. Once your mind reaches a realization, you will feel better.

Listen to Calming Music

Calming music can put you at ease. Find the music that calms you the best. This might be classical music, nature music, upbeat music, kids music, or whatever you mind enjoys. Listen to music as much as you can, and you will have a more positive mind. The video below plays music that is proven to reduce anxiety by 65%. Learn more about this music here and check out the video below.

Write To-do Lists

Wiring lists makes it more likely you will accomplish your daily, weekly, or monthly goals. When you accomplish your goals this can in turn make you feel less stressed. When you write lists and begin crossing off tasks, you will be a less stressed person.

Join a Local Group

Find a local group you’re interested in and join it! When you communicate with people that have similar interested, even if it’s just other moms or dog lovers, you will have a better outlook on life. Spending time with others you find to be fun will make you less stressed and you’ll be a more relaxed person. You can check out the website called Meetup to find a variety of local groups in your area.

Go on a Walk

Walking helps clear your mind and take in the nature that surrounds you. When you go on a walk you are able to exercise and take in your surroundings. This helps you feel grounded and better aligned with the world. If you go for a short walk each day, or even a couple times a week this can reduce your stress tremendously. Learn more about different walks you can by clicking here!

Explore a Local Park or Landmark

Finding a local place you can explore will help you feel less stressed. When you explore you’re allowing your mind and body to explore something new. This allows you to be more open-minded and have clearer thoughts. Taking time to explore will stop your mind from overthinking.

Don’t Feed Your Stress!

No matter what you do to help yourself feel less stress, you don’t want to feed your stress. You want to change your thinking, alter your habits, or do whatever it takes to get past your stress. Don’t less stress take over your life. Try these things to help with stress and find the best way to defeat the stress in your life!

If you have any questions, ask them below. I’m always happy to help!

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