Relaxing Music for Stress Relief – Reduce Anxiety by 65%

Relaxing Music for Stress Relief

Music truly is good for the soul. When you hear certain songs it can put you in certain moods. There are songs that make you happy, and songs that make you sad. There are songs that make you remember certain memories, and bring back nostalgic thoughts. That’s how powerful music is. Certain music is better for stress and anxiety because of the way you brain reacts to certain sounds. You will learn about relaxing music for stress relief.

Song that Reduces Anxiety by 65%

Name: Weightless

Musical Trio: Marconi Union

This is my all time favorite song for stress and anxiety relief. Why? because there’s scientific evidence that this song helps alter you brain to make you feel more relaxed. I’ve listened to it many times and it really does have a calming nature to it. It makes you instantly feel more at ease and one with you body. It is a long song, I’m talking 10 hours long. Which is great because you don’t feel like you’re repeating the same short song over and over. You can listen to bits and pieces when you need some relaxation. Check it out below and see how much it calms you body.

How Does it Reduce Anxiety?

This song can reduce you anxiety by 65%, which make it some amazing stuff. The band (Marconi Union) worked alongside sound therapists to find rhythms, harmonies, and bass lines that help lower blood pressure, slow you heart rate, and reduce the stress hormone called cortisol. This song was actually made with stress elimination at the top of the list. Here is a list of reasons as to how it helps reduce anxiety:

  • Created with sound therapists
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Slows you heart rate
  • Reduces the stress hormone cortisol
  • Sound therapy helps relax and restore health
  • Scientific study conducted to find most relaxing music
  • Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson found song to give you the highest relaxation to date
  • 65% reduction in anxiety and 35% reduction in physiological resting rates
  • Music is a simple way to help you feel less anxious
  • Best music for all-around stress relief – which can help make you live longer

When Should I Listen?

Anytime. You can listen to this calming song, or other calming songs anytime you’d like. The best time to listen to relaxing music is when you are most tense. For example, if driving a car makes you feel tense, then listen to this song while driving. You can listen to this song when you are relaxed as well, like when you’re on a walk, it will make you feel even more relaxed later in you day. I like to listen to it as background music while I’m working. It makes any type of work feel less stressful. It also isn’t distracting to play in the background when I’m trying to focus and get things done. If you don’t want to always have to visit YouTube to listen to the song, add it to you music playlist and play it on the go whenever you need a little calming music. This song will make you feel better no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Other Calming Music

Besides listening to the song Weightless, there is all sorts of calming music out there. Everyone varies a little as to what music helps them the best, but there are some generalizations. Simple tunes are excellent to help you relax. Also, nature music is very calming. Another sound that can be calming is white noise, it isn’t really music per se, but it can help eliminate annoying background noises. This helps you focus and be more productive because you aren’t noticing as many distractions. Any music with a simple tune or melody is relaxing to the brain and body. It helps soothe you tension and takes you mind off of unwanted wondering. It may take a little trial-and-error but ones you find the music that is best for you mind, stick to it and you’ll have an easier time eliminating stress.

Why you Should Listen to Music

Music is a simple way to help you eliminate stress. All you have to do is get a playlist together and listen to music whenever you have the chance. This might be in the car, at work, at home, or just about anywhere. It’s an easy way to make you feel calmer and less anxious. I find that listen to music when I’m doing household chores is beneficial. This is because I feel more excited doing them when I have upbeat and calming music to listen to. I have something relaxing to listen to and keep me going, and I don’t let my mind wander about stressful things. With music, you focus is better and you brain is more at ease. You tend to think happier thoughts and complete tasks with a happier attitude. That’s why playing relaxing music for stress relief can be beneficial to you mind and body. When you mind relieves stress through music, your body ultimately feels less tense. You all of a sudden feel less pressure and more at ease. It can be something as simple as music that helps you eliminate stress. Always keep relaxing music close by so you can play some whenever you feel the need.

Less Stress!

Go play some music, and I highly recommend trying Weightless. You will most likely notice you body seems lighter and more at ease with oneself. This song is simple and is great to play as background music when working on tasks. You will find what stress relieving music is best for you, so give a few a shot. Stress can put a toll on you body, so if you can do something as simple as listening to music to help, wouldn’t you want to give it at least a try? I know I would, and it is proven to help reduce stress and anxiousness. If you’re trying to reduce the stress hormone cortisol, then you have to give music a try. It will help the endorphins in you body and make you all around feel more upbeat. Sometimes it’s the small changes you do that can help you stress the most. People often forget how powerful music can be. So, if you can make a simple change in you life like adding more relaxation music, you can make yourself feel better. Try some relaxing music for stress relief and you will find one powerful tool that’s right in front of you.

If you have any questions, ask them below. I’m always happy to help!



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