Best Tea for Anxiety – Organic and Tastes Great!

Best Tea for Anxiety

Tea is one powerful drink. It’s a combination of leaf or leaf buds that are used to form a beverage. These leaf buds can have health benefits, and certain leaf buds are better for certain needs. Tea is very beneficial to people who suffer from stress and anxiety. Especially if you have a coffee addiction, tea can be a great alternative. I’ve done extensive research to find the teas that work best for people with anxiety. Below you’ll find the best tea for anxiety in loose-leaf form, tea bag form, and k-cup form.

Best Tea for Anxiety

Loose Leaf Tea for Anxiety

Best Tea for Anxiety

Tea Name:
get relaxed

This tea is AMAZING for helping with anxiety. It’s an herbal tea that takes the edge off. It makes you feel more calm and at ease. There is no caffeine and you’ll feel relaxed sip after sip. This Get Relaxed tea is mood mellowing with its lavender and rose petal aroma. You will feel a sense of bliss and finally be able to chill out. Since this tea features chamomile and passionflower your nerves will feel soothed so you can unwind. All you have to do is brew some up, take a sip, and breathe.


  • Naturally Caffeine-free
  • Organic
  • Loose-leaf tea
  • Great fruity flavor
  • Roobibos to promote health through antioxidants
  • Linden to relieve a stuffy head
  • Passionflower to soothe nerves
  • Eleuthero to boost immunity
  • Chamomile to help with sleep
  • English Lavender for all-around calm
  • Damask Rose to help with anxiety and depression

Tea Bag Tea for Anxiety

Best Tea for Anxiety

Tea Name:
Cup of Calm

These are the best tea bags to help fight anxiety. They are organic and packed full of well-sourced ingredients. Cup of Calm helps calm all the chaos that occurs every day. This tea comes from the brand Traditional Medicinals, which has teas that help with a wide range of health issues. They know how to pinpoint the best ingredients for health concerns. That’s why this tea has some of the best leafs for anxiety, and it’s one you have to give a try. Anytime you need some relaxation, give this tea a try, you will notice a difference. Take a sip and watch your body feel calm all over.


  • Naturally caffeine-free
  • Organic
  • Fair-trade
  • Tea bags
  • Great floral, mint, and apple-y flavor
  • Passionflower to soothe nerves
  • Chamomile to help with sleep
  • English lavender for all-around calm
  • Catnip to soothe aches and pains
  • Rosemary to help the nervous system

Another great tea from Traditional Medicinals is Stress Ease tea. Watch the video below to learn how to make Stress Ease hot coca. If you’re not a tea fan, this might be a great alternative for you.

K-Cup Tea for Anxiety

Best Tea for Anxiety

Tea Name:
Super Organics

The thing about k-cups is they are so nice and easy. So, I know some of you might not be willing to steer away from the beloved k-cup. I’m with you, they’re my go to! These Awake Tea pods taste wonderful and have a little different benefit than the previous teas. This tea is great for anxiety, but it also helps you stay energized and awake throughout the day. The thing is, a lot of teas for anxiety make you sleepy, but these help you stay energized. They give you energy without that anxious buzz. They aren’t marketed for stress or anxiety like the other teas are either, but they shouldn’t be ignored if you suffer from anxiety. They have ingredients that help with anxiety, yet aren’t going to make you feel jittery or fidgety like some teas. If you are constantly sleepy and suffer from anxiety, you have to give this tea a try!


  • Has Caffeine
  • Organic
  • Infused with superfoods
  • Infused with probiotics
  • Tea Pods/K-Cups
  • Great vanilla flavor
  • Black tea to fight stress
  • Maca for relaxation
  • Cinnamon acts as an antioxidant and reduces depression and anxiety
  • Ginger to suppress stress and increase serotonin
  • Cardamom to help with mood and anxious thoughts

Find the Tea for You

You might have to spend some time taste testing teas to find the best one for you. This can be fun though! There are many teas that can aide in stress and anxiety, but some might be better for your needs. If you are looking for something that will make you sleepier go for a tea without caffeine and contains chamomile. If you’re looking for a tea that will help you have more energy along with your anxiety, find a tea that has a little caffeine, but also contains ingredients that promote stress relief. This way you will still get the calming effects, and you will get some energy on top of it. Some people struggle with tiredness while having anxiety, while others can’t sleep for the life of them. That’s why you have to find a tea that meets your needs.

Something else I recommend is drinking certain teas at certain times of the day. Try drinking the Awake Tea in the morning when you might need a little boost. Drink a caffeine-free tea that aides in sleeping before going to bed. This way you can get benefits from different types of teas. This also helps you test out different teas in the morning and at night so you can see which benefits you the most. You might find your a morning drinker, or a night drinker. It may take you a while to find out what tea or teas are best for you, which is why you should test them out for a while. After testing them over a period you will start to see what ingredients and teas work best for your body and your anxiety level.

Taste can be a big factor when it comes to tea drinking. You will want to enjoy the sips you take. The teas I listed above all are known to taste great, but you will have to try them for yourselves to see. You can always add a little extra something to spice up your tea. I sometimes add milk, fruits, cinnamon, dark chocolate, honey, or a plant-based sugar. It may take a little trial-and-error, but you will find a combo that you love.

Tea CAN Help Your Anxiety!

If you struggle with anxiety you should at least give tea a try. Many leafs and leaf buds can truly change the way your mind and body feels. You can actually make your head feel less of a mess, and calmer. Tea is a natural way to help you feel better and change your life for the good. Different leafs effect everyone differently, so you will have to find your tea combo. Give it time, you will find a tea that benefits you. Get out there and sip some soothing tea!

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