30 Day Anxiety Challenge – A Better You!

30 Day Anxiety Challenge

30 Day Anxiety Challenge

Getting over anxiety can be a challenge. It might seem like you’ve tried everything in the book. But, sometimes all you need to do is sit back and take some small steps. These small steps can help you achieve your anxiety goals. This 30 day anxiety challenge will help you discover the root of your anxiety, and provide useful strategies to manage it. This challenge can be used as many times as you’d like, actually the more you use it the better!

DAY 1: List 3 things your thankful for

Grab a sheet of paper and write down some things you’re thankful for. This might include things like your family, health, house, an experience, and so much more. Also, jot down why you are thankful for these things and how they positively affect you.

DAY 2: Watch something funny

Find something that makes you chuckle! My favorite show to watch is Impractical Jokers, as they always make me laugh out loud. Try going to YouTube and finding some funny videos. Here’s one that might make you giggle:

DAY 3: Take a walk or get out in nature

Go outside and explore nature! Being outside in the environment is known to relieve stress and anxiety. Take a nice walk in an area that’s pleasing to you. This might be walk in the woods, by the beach, or atop a high hill. Let your bare feet touch the grass or sand for a little, it will make you feel breath of fresh air.

DAY 4: Find 3 things you can get rid of that affect you negatively

Look around your day-to-day life and see what’s affecting you in a negative manner. This might be a picture in your room with a friend that brings back bad memories, a clock, uncomfortable blanket, just about anything that has bad vibes. Take these items and throw them away. Make sure your surrounded by things that bring you happiness.

DAY 5: Learn how to meditate

Spending just a few minutes a day meditating can help with negative energy. You’ll learn after meditating the power it truly has. It will more than likely take you a while to get really good at mediating, but once you do you’ll be impressed. Check out this video with guided meditation for anxiety relief:

DAY 6: Create a vision board

A vision board shows your goals and dreams in life, the things you want to accomplish. It helps you put those dreams into perspective and you can set goals as to when you want to accomplish them by. Check out these vision board ideas and there’s a free vision board template!

DAY 7: Donate something to someone in need

Do you know someone that could really use your old phone? You’ll feel really good when you give it to them, it will make their day just as much as it makes yours. If you don’t know anyone specific you can always visit a homeless shelter or donate to your local food pantry.

DAY 8: Read a short story that inspires you

Find a story that touches your heart and makes you think a little. You’ll walk away having a new outlook on like. It may take a little digging to find the right story, but when you do you’ll know.

DAY 9: Have a completely electronic free day

Spend the whole day away from your electronics. Even if you just use the TV as background noise, turn it off today. Set your cell phone aside, and find something else to do. You will be surprised at what you end up doing. Maybe you’ll explore outside, get back into crafting, or discover a new talent.

DAY 10: Make a playlist with your favorite songs

Hearing some of your favorite songs can instantly change your mood. Put together a playlist and listen to the songs while you’re walking, at work, cleaning, or wherever you please. You’ll love having all your favorites right at your fingertips.

DAY 11: Try using an essential oil

Test out some essential oils and see which one you like the best. Some of the best ones for anxiety are: Valerian, Lavender, Jasmine, Chamomile, and Bergamot. Find out which one makes you feel the best and you like the scent.

DAY 12: Treat yourself to a massage

After having a professional massage you will leave feeling like a whole new person. Your muscles will feel less tense and your whole body will feel at ease. Massages can loosen up your tension and you’ll love the way it makes you feel.

DAY 13: Start writing daily to-do lists

When you write lists of what you want to accomplish you’re way more likely to actually accomplish them. Check off what you’ve finished as you go, and you’ll be amazed at how much you can get done.

DAY 14: Create and follow a self-care routine

Create a self-care routine that you begin to follow every day. This might include starting at a certain time each day and making sure you brush your teeth, floss, wash your face, put on deodorant, or whatever routine you want to get into. If you follow a routine each day you’re more likely to stick with it.

DAY 15: Think of a dream you want to achieve and start planning it out

Think of one dream you really want to achieve, you might want to look back at the vision board you created, and actually start to plan it out. Figure out when you want to accomplish the dream by, write down what needs to be done to achieve the dream, and plan when you will follow through with all the steps.

DAY 16: Create a budget you’ll stick to

Get out some paper and start planning a realistic budget. You want to create a budget you can stick with and follow through on each month. Figure out areas you can cut back on expenses, and areas you think you should be spending a little more. Don’t forget to leave extra money for fun experiences.

DAY 17: Learn anxiety pressure points

There are pressure points on your body that help relieve anxiety when they’re pressed. All you have to do is press on the points and take some deep breaths. My favorite pressure points for anxiety are between the eyebrows and the spot between your pointer finger and thumb. To learn more about pressure points for anxiety check out this helpful information.

DAY 18: Try yoga, acupuncture, or stretching

Depending on what sounds more appeasing to you get out there and try yoga, acupuncture, or stretching. All of these simple techniques are known to reduce anxiety and make you feel calmer.

DAY 19: Try some calming tea

There are teas that can help you feel less stress and anxious. Try a tea that is known to help make you feel more at ease. Here are some of my favorite teas that help with my anxiety.

DAY 20: Make sure you’re drinking enough water

Drinking enough water can help your whole body feel better. You will have more energy and feel less sluggish. Staying hydrated is an important part of relieving your anxiety. A water bottle like the one below might help keep you on track!
Drink Water - 30 Day Anxiety Challenge

DAY 21: Begin a vitamin regimen

Anxiety can be caused by lack of essential vitamins. If you don’t think you’re getting an insufficient amount of magnesium, you might want to consider taking a supplement. Another great place to start is by taking a multi-vitamin, and you can always add other vitamins that you’re lacking. Make sure you talk with your doctor first to ensure you’re taking the best vitamins for your body.

DAY 22: Learn to say “no” to things or people that don’t give you joy

You don’t have to say “yes” to everything. If you have a friend that always asks you to go workout, but you hate working out with this friend, say “no”. You will find other things you can do together. Learn that saying “no” is okay, and you shouldn’t be doing things that bring you down.

DAY 23: Wear an outfit that makes you feel confident

Wearing certain clothes can make you feel better about yourself. Wear something that fits you just right, you will feel great. A simple thing like clothing can make you more confident.

DAY 24: Go in a hot tub or take a bath

Relax and sit back in a nice warm bath or hot tub. This will give you a little time for yourself and you will love soaking int he warm water.

DAY 25: Promise yourself to spend extra cash on experiences over material things

Spending more money on experiences will make for a happier and more fulfilled life. You will be able to do things rather than have more stuff. If you get out there and take on the world, you will feel like a whole new person.

DAY 26: Go on a date with yourself

Spend a night out on the town with yourself. Even if it’s just going to a coffee shop and remembering who you are as a person. It will help you take some time to think about yourself and give yourself some love.

DAY 27: Make a list of month, year, and future goals

Get your vision board out and work on a timeline for your goals. Figure out when you will accomplish your goals and which ones are monthly, yearly, and so on. This will help you better prepare and plan out your future.

DAY 28: Commit to clean eating the whole day

Only eat foods that are clean and free from pesticides and additives. You will learn that eating clean helps not only your body feel good, but your mind too. When you consume too many unnecessary ingredients it can put a toll on your body. Find some clean organic foods and start to feel the difference.

DAY 29: Organize and declutter your things

Find an area in your house that you always wanted to organize and straighten out. This might be your desk area or a closet. Spend the day cleaning and organizing. After you’re done not only will the space feel less cluttered, but your mind will too.

DAY 30: Start a Mindfulness Journal

Start a mindfulness journal that will help with all the thoughts going on in your head. Mindfulness helps clear your mind. I recommend using a CBT mindfulness journal because it can help modify your emotions and help you figure out what is causing all your anxiety. To find out more about a CBT mindfulness journal check out this article!

Challenge Accepted!

In order for this challenge to work, you must first accept it and follow through! If you do, you might be pleasantly surprised. Stick with this challenge and you are sure to see results. It may take some time, and coming back to the challenge again and again, but you will be happy you did! If you have anxiety you might need a little challenge to help kick your mind into gear. Accept the 30-day anxiety challenge now.

I you have any questions ask them below. I’m always happy to help!

11 thoughts on “30 Day Anxiety Challenge – A Better You!

  1. Hi! Thank you! This is a useful post.

    It indeed is challenging. But I greatly appreciate the detailed route you have laid here. Your suggestions make perfect sense to me. And they are even very pleasant to put into practice.

    I’m excited and I have my hopes high regarding this challenge. I’ll tell you how I came along.

  2. You have created a wonderful tool that will help people reduce their anxiety level over a thirty day period. In reading through the steps that you include for each day, I liked how they did not require a lot of time, but nonetheless built one on the other to really make a difference as the days and activities progress.

    To me, this is a very effective plan you have created and one that people can and will follow and apply. Adding small steps means they have to have some commitment, but not at the cost of too much time. I have been a participant in group therapy weekends where you are totally immersed in the subject and away from any distractions, and this works.

    The problem is that most people do not have the time or the money for such intensive therapy, and your solution is a do-it-yourself approach that will be just as effective likely, at much less cost and without having to disrupt the rest of your life and activities.

    Thanks for putting this together, there are lots of useful steps that will help those that take on your challenge and help themselves to a more enriching life with less stress. I have bookmarked this post, it is a keeper!  

  3. Hi Katy,

    Thank You very much for sharing such an informative article with all the necessary information about “30 Day Anxiety Challenge – A Better You!”

    Really this is an amazing article.I like the article very much.I am suffering from anxiety.It is very harmful for my health.Day by day my health is becoming very bad.I have tried so many way to get free from anxiety but all efforts were gone in vain.Fortuanely i came to your article and found something genuine way.After reading your article i believe this 30 day anxiety challenge is perfect for me.You displayed the article very nicely and i have gained all the thorough details of this.I have accepted the challenge and i am going to follow this 30 day anxiety challenge.I hope now i am going to be free from my anxiety as i have found this worthy way to get free from anxiety.After that i can enjoy my life and i will come back to you with the positive result.This article is very helpful for those people who are looking for a worthy way to get free from anxiety as you have highlighted the article so nicely.I will share this great article with my friends and relatives so that they can benefited from this.

    1. So glad I could help you!! Anxiety isn’t easy to get through, but once you find what works for you, you can find relief!

  4. Hi Katy:

    I love the 30 Day Anxiety Challenge! There are so many positive things we can do for ourselves if we just take a little time.

    Boy, can I relate because I’ve been prone to anxiety in one form or another all my life. And, I know that doing some of the things you list in the challenge can be very beneficial.

    You mention making a list of things you’re thankful for. I’ve found this to be particularly beneficial for relieving anxiety and instilling a feeling of happiness. Laughing is also great.

    I will say that I have probably tried most of the items on the list. Oh, another one I like is getting out in nature. That can really make you far less anxious and relaxed!

    I have to admit that a couple things I haven’t been real successful with are saying no and creating a budget that I stick to.

    Thanks for your inspirational and helpful post!

    1. It’s great to hear you’ve tried a lot of items on the list. I’m sure you’ve discovered some work better over others for you. I hope you can beat your anxiety!

  5. Hi Katy! Just wanted to stop in and tell you, your site is beautiful, and I love this post about anxiety relief. What really strikes me about it, is that you aren’t promoting people to buy stress relief PRODUCTS, but instead promoting people to self-sooth and learn real HUMAN ways to take the edge off. I believe firmly that we all have the power within us to reprogram ourselves, and it’s nice to see people such as yourself doing JUST THAT.

    I’ll be showing this page to my fiancee, because I think she could benefit from the structure you have laid out here. It’s right up her alley to make simple strides each day to accomplish a goal. I think this kind of content should be pushed en masse into the ether, because the people in this world need to RELAX a little. lol

    Thank you for taking the time to write this blog, I’ve gained a sense of peace just reading it, and the simple aesthetic of the page itself kind of sets up the brain for a peaceful read as well. 

    Namaste, Katy, and have a great night!


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